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For many years, the German Property Group GmbH has been an active and highly successful leader in the German real estate market. GPG specialises in the redevelopment of listed buildings and undertakes the planning, construction and sales of newly developed housing spaces in listed properties.

GPG develops land with listed buildings, such as factories, schools or administrative buildings, and provides living space through carefully planned refurbishment and conversion. German Property Group’s unique vision is to create special apartments sought after throughout modern Germany.

Attractive apartments at attractive terms

German Property Group is a leading player in residential construction. Working with partners selected for their outstanding expertise, GPG transforms vacant heritage properties into top-quality living spaces. Apartment buyers all over Germany are drawn to GPG properties because of their distinctively appealing architectural features.

German Property Group’s historic building conversions are built to last. GPG uses only the finest building materials, fully compliant with modern construction standards. With GPG, buyers of apartments in listed buildings not only get an exceptional property, but also get a tax break. They can claim back a large part of the construction costs for tax purposes under paragraphs 7i and 10f of the German Income Tax Act.

Bringing together the old and the new

German Property Group’s portfolio primarily contains listed buildings that have been comprehensively refurbished into attractive living spaces. In many areas, however, the demand for urban living space cannot be met simply by converting heritage buildings to residential use.

In many big cities and metropolitan areas the real estate market is short of properties. In order to provide the high volume of urgently needed, conveniently located living space, GPG sometimes combines old and new building elements. By complementing architectural monuments with architecturally sympathetic new builds, GPG creates a residential marriage of the old and the new. In this way, the company makes an important contribution to meeting housing needs in overheated markets.

Monument protection in Germany

Heritage-listed buildings are witnesses of their time, and documents of history - the built environment as a manifestation of the culture of a community. The preservation and long-term use of architectural monuments is therefore of great importance to the German state.

In order to encourage individuals to participate in the preservation of monuments, the German government provided a financial incentive. Buyers of listed residential properties benefit from this. Over a period of 10 or 12 years, buyers of listed real estate can deduct up to 100% of their renovation and modernisation costs from their income tax because of so-called “Depreciation for Wear and Tear”. To ensure that home buyers get the full benefit of this tax advantage, German Property Group ensures that all construction measures on projects comply with the strict preservation regulations in order to preserve the monument status of the building.

With the help of experienced architects and highly skilled contractors, GPG preserves historic building fabric for future generations and creates attractive apartments on attractive terms.


In a close-knit network German Property Group GmbH has strong business relations with external partners from all over the world.

With Raya Innovations GmbH, a group of experienced financiers from the Arab world, GPG has developed a financial product with a focus on the needs of Islamic investors which meets all Sharia requirements, especially with regard to the offered investment services.

More information on the Sharia-compliant offers are provided here.

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